Read The Callisto Symphony for free

I wrote a science fiction novel titled THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY a year ago. It was a lot of fun, and let me release a story that I wanted to tell for a quite a while.  It was also a great learning process and one that has helped me improve on my latest projects.

In an effort to reach more people, you can read the entire book here for free.  You can even download a PDF and pop it on iBooks for convenient reading.

Below is an overview of the story.  I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts with me.


As an infant, George Burgess was placed aboard a spaceship, alone, and sent on a mission toward the outer edge of the Milky Way. Along the way the young boy was raised by robots and educated remotely by the world’s top professors, all under the strict guidance and supervision of the mysterious Grand Master. As he grows older, the highly intelligent young man becomes more in tune with his surroundings, uncovers irregularities in the system that controls him and begins to question everything he’s been told. He discovers Earth’s Internet and social media, and learns about the distant planet that he has never known, but was chosen to protect. And he finds out that he might not be alone in his mission, The Callisto Symphony.


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