What I’m Doing Now

andrew2 I’m a digital marketer, aspiring author, wine lover, and website creator. Right now, my main priorities are:

Promoting my latest novel, “A GENTLE SLAUGHTER OF THE PERFECT KIND” which was just released in April of ’17.  I’m super proud of this one, and keep learning a ton more about storytelling with each book, but it’s a long journey.  I’m not done yet.

Finishing a new wine book focused on Spanish wines.  Having recently just published a book on Italian wine, this will be the next in the series.  Should be ready Q3 of ’18.

Giving away my first wine eBook, “Around the Wine World in 40 Pages,” for free here, and my first novel, THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY for free as well.  I’m looking to build an audience.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Updating my main website, www.CostcoWineBlog.com.  This was started on a whim and has grown to develop quite an audience.  I’m committed to keeping it going.

Last updated: Apr 2018

This page is inspired by The /now page movement by Derek Sivers.