What I’m Doing Now

andrew2 I’m a digital marketer, aspiring author, wine lover, and website creator. Right now, my main priorities are:

  • Creating a ton of new and hopefully useful content for my new wine website, Winemodo.com.
  • Finishing a new wine book focused on Spanish wines.  Having recently just published a book on Italian wine, this will be the next in the series.  Should be ready Q2-Q3 of ’17.
  • Prepping to promote my forthcoming novel, “A GENTLE SLAUGHTER OF THE PERFECT KIND” which is slated to be released in April of ’17
  • Updating my main website, www.CostcoWineBlog.com.  This was started on a whim and has grown to develop quite an audience.  I’m committed to keeping it going.

Last updated: Feb 2017

This page is inspired by The /now page movement by Derek Sivers.