“The Callisto Symphony” by Andrew Cullen

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Sending a child alone into deep space seems unimaginable… but what if the world depended upon it?

Things to Consider When Sending a Child On A Mission Into Outer Space:

  1. This child would have to be raised and educated along the way in order to conduct the advanced functions required for the mission’s success. Why not assemble of team of the world’s top educators to provide the curriculum remotely…
  2. If the child’s life was seemingly 100% controlled could we prevent this highly educated person from discovering the true reason for their being…
  3. Would anyone be able to predict how advanced that child would become…
  4. What if they discovered the Earth and our Internet…
  5. What if they participated in our social media, and learned about the history of the world …all from hundreds of millions of miles away.
  6. How would our world look to a person who had never stepped foot on our planet, who had learned everything from afar?
  7. What if they found out they weren’t alone?


As an infant, George Burgess was placed aboard a spaceship, alone, and sent on a mission toward the outer edge of the Milky Way.  Along the way the young boy was raised by robots and educated remotely by the world’s top professors, all under the strict guidance and supervision of the mysterious Grand Master.

As he grows older, the highly intelligent young man becomes more in tune with his surroundings, uncovers irregularities in the system that controls him and begins to question everything he’s been told.  He discovers Earth’s Internet and social media, and learns about the distant planet that he has never known, but was chosen to protect.  And he finds out that he might not be alone in his mission, The Callisto Symphony.