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The Most Popular Cable TV Cord Cutting Products of 2015

cropped-newlogo1What are the top cable cord cutting products purchased through over the last 12 months?  Let’s a take a look…[Read More]

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Enter to win a free copy of THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Callisto Symphony by Andrew Cullen

The Callisto Symphony

by Andrew Cullen

Giveaway ends January 27, 2016.

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Posted in Blog Posts Feature: A Special Look At The Wines of Moldova and Chateau Purcari


In a special feature story for, we sample, review, and really begin to enjoy, the wines of Moldova. [Read More]

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Our Annual List:’s Highest Rated Wines of 2015

costco best of 2015Toward the end of every year we go through the entire list of wines we reviewed over the past 10 months or so and assemble this list, of the wines from Costco that we rated the highest.  Enjoy. [View The List]

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Cord Cutting Streaming Enthusiast – 2015


We assembled our first ever list of holiday gifts for cord cutters.  Jump on over to and take a look at what made the cut.  [Read More]

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The Best Toys and Games of 2015 from


Every year before the holidays we list our favorite toys and games that we tested throughout the year.  Here’s the list for 2015.  Enjoy.

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EVOLUTIONARY – a 500 word contest submission

This was a fun one.  I entered a 500 word science fiction story contest with the entry below.  I didn’t win but it was a good exercise in forcing yourself to be concise.


NASA_NEXT_Ion_thruster.712983main_NEXT_LDT_Thrusterhi-res_fullHe could feel something wet leaving his body and dripping onto the ground. Sweat he hoped. Blood more likely. The Arm stopped above him. He held his breath and lay motionless. The wall creaked and a faint light appeared overhead. The Arm paused, sensed for movement one last time, and then disappeared as the light faded out behind it. { READ MORE...}

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How To Set Up An Easy Outdoor Theater For Streaming Movies

icutcableNew content over at How To Set Up An Easy Outdoor Theater For Streaming Movies

Watching a movie outside on a nice summer night is an amazing experience whether you’re a ten year old kid, or a 40-year old adult. [Read More]

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THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY featured at the Decatur Book Fest.

logo decatur

[Visit the Decatur Book Festival Website]

Andrew Cullen has authored and co-authored four non-fiction books, including the popular “Decoding wine” series. “The Callisto Symphony” is his first work of fiction. He is a digital marketer for a global 100 brand and the founder of The Underside Publishing Co. which has produced several websites including and He is currently working on his next fiction novel, tentatively titled “A Gentle Slaughter of the Perfect Kind.” Learn more at { READ MORE...}

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Read the new novel “The Callisto Symphony” for free right now.

[Read the first 5 Chapters of THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY for free]


As an infant, George Burgess was placed aboard a spaceship, alone, and sent on a mission toward the outer edge of the Milky Way.  Along the way the young boy was raised by robots and educated remotely by the world’s top professors, all under the strict guidance and supervision of the mysterious Grand Master.

As he grows older, the highly intelligent young man becomes more in tune with his surroundings, uncovers irregularities in the system that controls him and begins to question everything he’s been told.  He discovers Earth’s Internet and social media, and learns about the distant planet that he has never known, but was chosen to protect.  And he finds out that he might not be alone in his mission, The Callisto Symphony. { READ MORE...}

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