2016 Holiday Gifts and Gadgets for the Cable Cord Cutter

tv-gift-guide-300x276It’s that time of the year on iCutCable.com when we look at the top holiday gifts and gadgets for the cord cutting enthusiast. This year we feature a cable modem, bluetooth speaker, mini projector, Roku Express, and more.

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Woman’s Day Magazine Interview with CostcoWineBlog.com


I enjoyed speaking to Woman’s Day magazine editors about the value to be found in Costco’s Kirkland line of wines for a feature they published on hunting down bargains at big box retailers.

[See the full page story in the December issue]

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7 Remarkable Facts About Moldovan Wine


New article about Moldovan wine published on the Huffington Post: “7 Remarkable Facts About Moldovan Wine That Will Surprise (And Entice) Wine Lovers

“Moldova actually houses the world’s largest underground wine cellar, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The cellar contains more than 1.5 million bottles of wine, which lined up would measure the equivalent of 5000 football fields.”

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7 Ways To Look Like A Pro In A Wine Tasting Room

Photo Jul 19, 5 58 55 PMA recent contribution to Huffington Post:

“When most people hear the words “wine tasting” they immediately cringe and picture a stuffy room with snooty people sniffing glasses and spewing out all kinds of ridiculous adjectives to describe the wine; but to you it just tastes like “wine.”

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CostcoWineBlog.com Featured on MSN’s “10 Things to Splurge on at Costco and Sam’s Club”

wine msn

“The flow of fine wines at Costco has been written up in such places as the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, and there’s an independent blog devoted to the amazing stuff that pops up…”

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CostcoWineBlog.com Ranked #9 Among Best 100 Wine Blogs

Feedspot recently released their “Best 100 Wine Blogs on the Web” and CostcoWineBlog.com came in at #9 on the list among some pretty big company {see the full list}

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5 Must Watch Movies About Wine You May Have Missed – via CostcoWineBlog.com

I wanted to make a list of a few good films and documentaries about wine that I’ve been surprised more people haven’t seen. So here’s a quick list along with my comments.  Enjoy, and please include other wine films in the comments that you feel are worth sharing.

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From CostcoWineBlog.com – 5 Must Read Books About Wine


Reading books on wine is often much less expensive than tasting a range of high caliber bottles from around the world.  And while I think you need to do the latter sometimes, books can provide a massive amount of context to your wine education and experience.

[Read the entire story on CostcoWineBlog.com]

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Read The Callisto Symphony for free

I wrote a science fiction novel titled THE CALLISTO SYMPHONY a year ago.  It was a lot of fun, and let me release a story that I wanted to tell for a quite a while.  It was also a great learning process and one that has helped me improve on my latest projects.

In an effort to reach more people, you can read the entire book here for free.  You can even download a PDF and pop it on iBooks for convenient reading.

Below is an overview of the story.  I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts with me.


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4 Secrets to Using Amazon Prime Video – via iCutCable.com

Assoc_White_LogoCentric_125x125._V326377436_Amazon Prime is an awesome service and its video arm, Prime Video, is on a path to become the digital content channel of choice.  I highlight a few reasons why this service stands out from the pack. [read more]

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